Welcome To IBL

IBL is a leader in the field of professional studies. Based in the heart of Islamabad, IBL not only offer you the opportunity to study for a renowned professional qualification with a leading provider, but also the chance to learn the practical skills that today’s employers value so highly.


Missions and Objectives

Institute of Business Leadership (IBL) improves the lives of diverse undergraduate and graduate learners through exemplary teaching. The Business and Finance and professional programs of the institute embrace and profess these values:


IBL Group

IBL Group consists of Institute of Business Leadership, IBL – Consulting, Al-Hidayah(center of islamic economics and business) and College of The best leadership. With blend of these industry leading entities, studying at IBL will open doors to a thriving career in Business and Finance!

Why Us?

The Quality Assurance department at Institute of Business Leadership is an independent cell that manages and monitors all aspects of higher education and transnational education. Quality Assurance Department (QAD) is a policy making and monitoring body for maintenance and enhancement of quality in higher education at IBL. It is involved in systematic implementation of quality enhancement procedures/criteria to attain improved levels of international compatibility and competitiveness at institutional and program level. Academic quality assurance is the way to ensure that students acquire the needed skills and talent in order to face the listed challenges of distance learning.

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Missions & Objectives

IBL will be the premier nurturer of knowledge, wisdom and leadership attitude throughout the region.

IBL institute provides quality educational opportunities that inspire student success, lead them to become future business leaders and fuel the economic engine of country. The institute provides career, transfer, and continuing education coursework and programs that anticipate and meet the dynamic intellectual, cultural and, economic development challenges of current regime. Through support services and a technologically enriched learning environment, the institute strives to empower each learner with skills, knowledge, and workforce entry or advancement, and personal enrichment. Further, IBL promotes an appreciation of cultural diversity, social responsibility, and academic excellence.

  • Quality

    The Institute advances quality standards through faculty, academic offerings and support services provided to students. This is evidenced in institutional practices and learning.

  • Learner-Centered

    The Institute maintains a strong commitment to all learners and their emerging needs, by fulfilling the academic, cultural, and workforce needs of the region.

  • Inclusiveness

    The Institute promotes a caring environment that is rooted in a participative governance structure. Mutual respect and trust are evidenced in collaborative work teams and programs.

  • Integrity

    All policies and procedures of the Institute represent fair, responsible, and ethical practices and behaviors, to ensure standards of excellence.