Time Management

Program Overview

Increased productivity, improved efficiency and reduced stress – all great reasons to learn how you can manage your time better. This training content is ideal if you want to train your staff or clients on time management. This training content will repeatedly deliver endless results for you.

Program Objectives

On completion of this training your participants will understand:

What is Time Management?

- Time as a Commodity

- Essential Habits

- Types of Time

- Over and Under Estimation of Time

Time Management Principles.

- Time Management

- Spent Time Matrix

- Quadrant 2

- Time Based Management

Productive Work.

- Busy versus Productive

- Indecision and Delay

- Overwork

- Urgency versus Importance

- Prioritization

Crisis Management.

- Proactive Versus Reactive

- Why Crises Occur?

- Anticipation and Prevention

Tips and Techniques.

- Time Logs

- Quality Time

- Managing Documents

- Managing Interruptions

- Managing the Workplace

- Managing the Phone