Six Sigma

Program Overview

Six Sigma is essentially a comprehensive yet flexible system for achieving, supporting, and maximizing business profits. It is a methodology driven by understanding customer needs, and the disciplined use of data, facts, and statistical analysis to improve and reinvent organizational processes.

So what does this really mean? How is it deployed? How can it be best employed for maximum advantage within your organization?

Program objectives

Six Sigma Start-Up is designed to help your company launch a successful Six Sigma initiative. Your employees will gain an appreciation for the powerful Six Sigma Tools and will recognize that Six Sigma is a way of doing business; not just another program of the month. Supervisors and managers will have a better understanding of their role to make Six Sigma a success.

Key Benefits

Use Data, Track DPMOs, Understand COQ, Focus on CTQ Elements, Use Facilitation as Applied Training, Assure an Acceptable ROI is Achieved, Link Performance & Rewards Measure Outcomes, Focus on Prevention, Reduce Variation, Improve Profitability, Be Customer Focused,