Introduction to FIA

FIA - Foundations in Accountancy

ACCA’s entry-level suite of awards – Foundations in Accountancy – is being introduced after detailed consultation which commenced in 2008 with ACCA stakeholders, including employers, learning providers, members, students, other professional accountancy bodies and regulators. Foundations in Accountancy will provide even greater access to the ACCA Qualification and aims to satisfy the needs of employers by allowing individuals to choose from a flexible range of qualifications which will help them develop the relevant technical knowledge and practical skills required to perform in accounting technician roles.

As a professional accountancy body which champions innovation, ACCA’s Foundations in Accountancy will utilize the latest technologies in the delivery of this suite of awards. The following principles have been adhered to when developing Foundations in Accountancy and ACCA will continue to follow these principles during the implementation phase.

A foundation in Accountancy consists of a suite of awards, including certificates, diplomas and a revised Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Qualification. These flexible awards focus on the core skills of financial accounting and management accounting; and the wider role of the accountant in business at higher levels. The range of awards means employers can pick the level of qualification which most appropriately meets their business needs. In addition, it provides students with flexible entry points with certification awarded at each level, allowing students to tailor the awards, making them an attractive and relevant choice for employers.