Management by Iqbal

Program Overview

In fact, other than being the greatest scholar of the century, Iqbal was a great management theorist as well. He was a poet of Management for Excellence, Motivation and Leadership as is evident from his poetry. His verses expand a man’s horizon, broaden his vision and help him think big. Motivation is the biggest factor in making a person a success-story. His poetry has been great source of inspiration and motivation for man of the past, present and future. His words have enough power that can challenge and alter a clerk’s thinking pattern entirely and can accelerate his spirit to make him determined to be even a part of top-level management.

The principles of Management, regarding employee motivation, teamwork and leadership, which have been framed in the recent decades were conceived by him in around 1920-30

He urged every man to indulge in continuous learning and compelled him to “innovate or die” and explore the world more and more.

He wanted every human being to know himself thereby reaching at the stage of self-esteem, self-fulfillment and self-actualization.

Even in Industrial age when management was in its initial phase of development, he envisioned the emergence and role of HR and Leadership for an organization.

Key Benfits

This is a motivational and life-changing session for every individual with considerable intellect or a strong desire to achieve one’s personal and professional excellence.

Introduction of the Trainer:

Abid Iqbal Khari is an Educator, Inspirational Leader, Trainer and motivational speaker to organizations, individuals and professional teams. He inspires and informs people, helping them realize their true potential. He has taken his dynamic personal message all over the country.

He has also undertaken exploratory research on philosophical wisdom of Allama Iqbal in the context of Management and compiled a research paper titled “Dr. Muhammad Iqbal as a Management Scholar”.

He has been presenting a regular TV talk show named “Positive Plus” on PTV-Home (The national TV of Pakistan) for two years – This short segment of talk show discussed issues on life management issues and personality development.