Eligibility for FIA

Foundations in Accountancy offers various entry points, allowing maximum flexibility for prospective students to select the most appropriate entry route and progression to additional qualifications, based on their previous qualifications, experience and future career aspirations. It is important to note exams FAB, FMA and FFA within
Route 1: No formal academic qualifications
Students with no formal academic qualifications can register to take exams at any level within Foundations in Accountancy. There is no requirement to complete the Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting or the Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting prior to completing the Diploma in Accounting and Business, although students are strongly recommended to do so.
As Foundations in Accountancy offers so much flexibility, there is no longer a need to provide the mature student entry route (MSER) as part of the ACCA Qualification. With the introduction of Foundations in Accountancy, students who do not meet the minimum entry requirements for the ACCA Qualification can register for Foundations in Accountancy and can start studying at any level, including the Diploma in Accounting and Business. There are no requirements to complete these papers within a given timescale in order to progress onto the ACCA Qualification.
Students currently registered under the MSER on the ACCA Qualification will be notified of the changes and transition arrangements.
Route 2: Entry requirements for the ACCA Qualification
For students who meet the minimum entry requirements to commence the ACCA Qualification i.e. have a minimum of 2 A Levels and 3 GCSEs or equivalent, they can either register for the ACCA Qualification and commence their studies at the Knowledge module with F1, F2 and F3; or register on the Foundations in Accountancy and complete the Introductory and Intermediate Certificates in Financial and Management Accounting if they prefer to take this route first. ACCA recommends students register directly onto the ACCA Qualification if they meet the minimum entry requirements for the qualification instead of entering the ACCA Qualification via Foundations in Accountancy. However, the option is available to those students who wish to obtain additional certificates at introductory and intermediate levels before commencing their studies on the ACCA Qualification.
Optional English and Maths Self-Check Modules
ACCA will continue to retain its open entry policy via Foundations in Accountancy. However, to assist prospective students in gauging their general level of ability in English and maths, ACCA has developed optional self-check modules in English and maths. Included within the self-check modules are learning materials and links to other materials to help students improve their English language and maths skills which they may wish to complete before embarking on any of ACCA's qualifications. The self-check modules and recommended tutorial support are optional to complete, the self-check modules are free of charge and can be accessed from the ACCA website.

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