Conflict Management

Program Overview

Every person faces conflict. There are positive and negative outcomes to conflict. What makes conflict negative or positive is the way in which it is handled. This course teaches participants how to manage emotions during conflict while working collaboratively toward a win/win resolution. Participants will complete a conflict style assessment, learn the five styles of conflict, and identify their dominant style.

Program objectives

Define conflict.

Identify assumptions of conflict.

Explain the escalation of disagreement into conflict.

Recognize the five styles of conflict resolution and the benefits and pitfalls of each style.

Understand your preferred style of conflict resolution.

Apply the six steps to collaborative conflict resolution.

Apply techniques to managing emotions during conflict.

Discuss the effect that power has on conflict resolution.

Implement a strategy for continuous conflict management.

Key Benefits

Identification of your preferred conflict resolution style

A structured collaborative approach to manage conflict

Techniques for handling emotions, both yours and theirs