Benefits / Scope of FRM

Here are some reasons why you should consider obtaining your FRM...

You will be recognized across the globe as a leader in financial risk management
You will be more desirable to executive recruiters and hiring managers since they are now seeking FRM holders for senior risk management jobs more than ever before
The FRM professional certification differentiates you from your peers
Studying the broad concepts underlying risk management in today's dynamic market environment will give you a holistic view and appreciation for the role risk management plays in an enterprise
Provides you with the feeling of personal achievement and the satisfaction of conquering an exam developed by the best risk management practitioners in the world.

  • Market Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Risk Management in Investment Management

Allows you to join an elite group of 17,673 FRMs across the globe with the only risk management certification recognized worldwide
Expands your personal and professional opportunities within the world of finance
Provides you with the ability to network with some of the world's leading financial risk management professionals

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